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Industry Computer
Founded 1995
Headquarters Taipei, Taiwan
Products Motherboards, Multimedia, Bluetooth equipment
$ 35.5 Million (end of Year 2004)
Number of employees
Website www.epox.com (now defunct)

EPoX was a manufacturer of motherboards, video cards and communication products. They manufactured mainboards for AMD and Intel processors, which were renowned for being overclocker-friendly yet affordable. Many of their products used the same StudlyCaps naming convention as the company itself.


EPoX Computer Company was established in February 1995. In 1998 the company entered the communications field. EPoX has been listed since November 1999 on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. (TAIEX: 5414)

EPoX was the first mainboard producer in the industry to announce the user-friendly technology KBPO (Keyboard Power On) in 1997. Their mainboards were manufactured in Jong Ho City, Taipei, and Ning-Bo Science Based Industrial Park, China.

The German and Dutch subsidiaries of EPoX closed in 2007. The American subsidiary still offers RMA support on motherboards, and maintains an online store for some of their older products. The current status of the parent company is unclear. The Russian subsidiary still appears to be active.

EPoX old employees started a new company in 2009 called SUPoX which is only active in China.

It is interesting that SUPoX supports all EPoX boards beginning from Slot 1 on their site.

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