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ePrivacy Group was a privacy consulting and anti-spam technology firm, founded in 2000 by David Brussin, Stephen Cobb, James Koenig, Michael Miora, and Vincent Schiavone. The team was later joined by privacy pioneers Ray Everett-Church, and Terry Pittman.

Headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, ePrivacy Group engaged in privacy consulting while developing several email-related products. Consulting clients included Microsoft MSN and Pharmacia. The company's Trusted Sender email authentication application was one of the first anti-phishing technologies, successfully deployed by several organizations such as Truste and American Education Services.[1]

In 2003 the company proposed the Trusted Email Open Standard, an open version of the Trusted Sender technology. According to one of the company's founders, the 35-page white paper outlining the standard was downloaded over 18,000 times in the first three months of publication.[2]

ePrivacy Group also developed an anti-spam technology known as "SpamSquelcher"[3] which was later spun off to another company, TurnTide Inc. In 2004 TurnTide was sold to Symantec for $28 million[4] and ePrivacy Group was dissolved. The SpamSquelcher and Turntide technology became the Symantec Traffic Shaper.[5]


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