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ER or Er may refer to:

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Businesses and organizations[edit]

Finance and banks[edit]


  • -er, a suffix added to adjectives or adverbs to form a comparative (e.g. fast to faster)
  • -er, a suffix added to a verb to make it an agent noun (e.g. cut to cutter)
  • Oxford "-er", a suffix used to form words like rugger and footer
  • "er", a filler (linguistics)
  • Er (Cyrillic) (Р / р), a letter of the Cyrillic alphabet corresponding to the Latin letter "R"
  • Er, alternate spelling for Yer (Ъ / ъ), the hard-sign letter of the Cyrillic alphabet


  • Er (biblical person), the eldest son of Judah in the biblical book of Genesis
  • Er, a character in Plato's Myth of Er
  • Èrs people, an ancient people inhabiting parts of what are now northern Armenia, northeast Turkey, southern Georgia, and northwest Azerbaijan
  • Nie Er (1912–1935), Chinese composer


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