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ER/Studio is data architecture and database design software developed by Embarcadero Technologies. ER/Studio is compatible with multiple database platforms and is used by data architects, data modelers, database administrators and business analysts to create and manage database designs, document and reuse data assets. In 2015, Embarcadero Technologies was acquired by database and infrastructure management software company IDERA, Inc. Since the acquisition by IDERA, Inc., ER/Studio has been renamed to ER/Studio Data Architect with updated features.[1]


  • Logical and physical design support
  • XML Schema generation from either the logical or physical models
  • Automation and scripting support
  • Forward- and reverse- engineering
  • Automated database code generation
  • Integration of models and metadata
  • Collaboration support including sub model management, repository, “where used”
  • Presentation formats include HTML, RTF, XML Schema, PNG, JPEG and DTD Output
  • Integrate model metadata with other platforms such as BI, ETL, and other modeling tools.
  • Data lineage documentation
  • Dimensional modeling
  • Model completion validation
  • Automatic foreign key migration
  • Capacity planning
  • Basic based Macro language for both manual and automatic automation[2]


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