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Edmonton Radial Railway Society
Edmonton Radial Railway Streetcar #42 in Fort Edmonton Park
Established 1980
Location Strathcona Streetcar Barn & Museum 53°31′12″N 113°29′45″W / 53.52000°N 113.49583°W / 53.52000; -113.49583 and Fort Edmonton Park Streetcar Barn53°30′7″N 113°34′30″W / 53.50194°N 113.57500°W / 53.50194; -113.57500Coordinates: 53°30′7″N 113°34′30″W / 53.50194°N 113.57500°W / 53.50194; -113.57500, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Type Streetcar preservation society
President Chris Ashdown
Website www.edmonton-radial-railway.ab.ca
High Level Bridge Streetcar
CN yard
Edmonton CPR Station
Jasper Plaza Terminal
Government Centre
97 Avenue
107 Street
1891 Railway Station
Streetcar Barn & Museum
Strathcona Terminal
Strathcona CPR Station
CPR yard

The Edmonton Radial Railway Society (ERRS) operates historic streetcars in Fort Edmonton Park and across the High Level Bridge.


The Edmonton Radial Railway, later known as Edmonton Transit, operated electric streetcars Edmonton from 1908 to 1951. After the abandonment of streetcar service, only Streetcar #1 was retained. In 1964 it was partially restored and later was part of the 1967 Centennial Parade. During Thanksgiving weekend 1979, Streetcar #1 gave trips across the High Level bridge to celebrate Edmonton's 75th anniversary. Following this successful operation, the Edmonton Radial Railway Society was founded in 1980.

Fort Edmonton
Park streetcar
Terminusnear pond Toilets unisex.svg
1905 Streetstop #1
1905 Streetstop #2
1920 Streetstop #1
1920 Streetstop #2
Steam train route
Terminusnear entrance/exit
Streetcar barn

During the development of Fort Edmonton Park an agreement was reached to build streetcar tracks there. In 1981 the streetcar began running in the park. By 1984 the members of the ERRS had established regular service in the park.[1]

Edmonton Radial Railway Streetcar #1, which started service in 1908 was the first to be restored by Edmonton Radial Railway Society volunteers. Later, Edmonton streetcars #42 and #33 were also restored.[1] During the 100th anniversary of public transportation in Edmonton ceremonies in 2008, Edmonton Streetcar #1 was the centre piece of Churchill Square.

High Level Bridge Streetcar[edit]

Nankai Electric Railway (Osaka, Japan) tram 247 on High Level Bridge line

The High Level Bridge Streetcar is a historic streetcar ride over the High Level Bridge in Edmonton, Alberta. It travels from the Strathcona Streetcar Barn & Museum, just north of the Strathcona Farmers Market along Gateway Boulevard to Jasper Plaza (south of Jasper Avenue, between 109 Street and 110 Street) in downtown, with three intermediate stops. It operates between the Victoria Day weekend in May, and Thanksgiving weekend in October.[2] It is operated by the Edmonton Radial Railway Society.

Starting from the Strathcona Streetcar Barn & Museum it travels on the former CP Rail line in a north west direction. It first passes the Calgary & Edmonton Railway Station Museum at present-day 105 Street; this is a replica of the station that was the northern anchor of the Calgary and Edmonton Railway from 1891 to 1908. After a level crossing stop at 107 Street, the streetcar goes under the Saskatchewan Drive, 109 Street, and Walterdale Hill intersection. While turning north, the middle stop is in the neighbourhood of Garneau at 90 Avenue, before getting on the High Level Bridge. After travelling high over the surface of the North Saskatchewan River, it continues over River Valley Road, and 97 Avenue, entering the Ribbon of Steel multi-use corridor. The Ribbon of Steel is a corridor designated by Alberta Infrastructure and the City of Edmonton for the preservation of streetcar rail in Edmonton, and to provide a running/cycling path between 109 Street and 110 Street, from 97 Avenue to Jasper Avenue. The first stop on the Ribbon of Steel is the Grandin stop, with walking access to the Grandin LRT Station, and the Legislature grounds. The northern terminus of the High Level Bridge Streetcar ride is at Jasper Plaza, just south of Jasper Avenue. The streetcar system that existed in Edmonton until 1951 ran though the downtown core, including down Jasper Avenue. The former rail line continued north, where 110 Street is now, to the Old CN Rail yard (north of 104 Avenue).

In the near future, the Edmonton Radial Railway Society hopes to extend the line south towards Whyte Avenue for a new terminus.[3] To do this, the rail crossing on Gateway Boulevard will have to be reconstructed; it was removed to separate the streetcar line from the active CP lines. During summer festivals, such as the Fringe, service is extended to accommodate the increase in crowds.


The collection is made up of heritage streetcars that have been fully restored or are in various stages of restoration.[4]

Date Builder Type Operator Number Withdrawn Status
1907 OCC combination sweeper / overhead line car Saskatoon Municipal Railway 200 1951 being restored
1908 OCC streetcar Edmonton Radial Railway 1 1951 Fort Edmonton Park line
1912 StL streetcar Edmonton Radial Railway 33 1951 High Level Bridge line
1912 StL streetcar Edmonton Radial Railway 42 1951 Fort Edmonton Park line
1914 Preston streetcar Toronto Suburban Railway 24, (later CNR 15702) 1960s Fort Edmonton Park line
1921 U/S tram Nankai Electric Railway (Osaka, Japan) 247 1990 High Level Bridge line (currently under maintenance)
ca. 1920s CC&F streetcar Regina Municipal Railway 42 1950 being restored
1930 OCC streetcar Edmonton Radial Railway 80 1951 Fort Edmonton Park line
1947 PTC W6 Class tram Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board 930 1997 High Level Bridge line
1951 CC&F PCC streetcar Toronto Transit Commission 4612 1995 Fort Edmonton Park line
1970 Düwag tram ÜSTRA (Hannover, Germany) 601 1975 High Level Bridge Line (Returned to Hannover in 2016)
1895 unknown streetcar Saskatoon Municipal Railway 35 1951 awaiting restoration
1913 NCMC Streetcar Brandon municipal railway 6 1932 awaiting restoration
1913 OCC streetcar Calgary Municipal Railway 60 1952 awaiting restoration
1911 OCC streetcar Edmonton Radial Railway (ERR) 13 1948 Awaiting restoration
1911 Preston streetcar ERR 31 1948 awaiting restoration
1913 Preston streetcar ERR 53 1951 awaiting restoration
1913 Preston streetcar ERR 65 1951 awaiting restoration
1913 Preston streetcar ERR 73 1951 awaiting restoration
1912 Preston streetcar Regina municipal railway 8 1947 awaiting restoration
1929 OCC streetcar Saskatoon Municipal Railway 62 1951 awaiting restoration
1928 OCC streetcar Saskatoon Municipal Railway 54 1951 awaiting restoration
1918 CCC streetcar Saskatoon Municipal Railway 202 1951 awaiting restoration
1948 StL PCC streetcar Toronto Transit Commission 4349 1982 awaiting re-gauging
1947 StL PCC streetcar Toronto Transit Commission 4367 1989 awaiting re-gauging
CC&F Canadian Car & Foundry Co.
Düwag Düwag
OCC Ottawa Car Company
Preston Preston Car Company
PTC Public Transport Corporation
StL St. Louis Car Company
U/S Umebachi/Sharyo
NCMC Nile car and Manufacturing company
CCC Cincinnati car company


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