European Rail Shuttle B.V.

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European Rail Shuttle
Type BV
Industry Logistics
Founded 1994[1]
Headquarters Rotterdam.[1], Netherlands
Services ISO container transportation
Employees 100 (2010)[citation needed]
125 (2013)[citation needed]
Parent Freightliner Group (2013-present)
A. P. Moller-Maersk Group (2006-2013)
Subsidiaries ERS Railways

European Rail Shuttle B.V. is a railway transport company headquartered in Rotterdam, providing rail cargo transport of ISO shipping containers.

Since 2002 a subsidiary company ERS Railways (or ERS) has been the rail provider for the organisation; the company started operating in the Netherlands in 2001 and holds an EU license to operate trains in other EU states.[citation needed]


The European Rail Shuttle B.V. was founded in 1994 as a joint venture between Sealand Service, P & O Containers, Nedlloyd.[2][3] Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) was also an initial partner via Holland Rail Container BV, a subsidiary of NS Cargo,[4][5] Train operations were organised by VGL Rail Cargo (a Nedlloyd subsidiary), acting under the name ERS.[4]

At foundation the company was intended to operate rail shuttles between Rotterdam and Milan. Initially the company acted as an agent purchasing train services, then selling space on the trains to its partners or third parties.[4] Maersk jointed the venture in Oct. 1995; the scope of the organisations activities were then extended to included shuttles in a wider European area.[4]

Initially the company ran 7 trains a week; from Rotterdam to Germersheim (Germany) and to Melzo (Milan, Italy).[3] By 1998 service to Neuss has been added.[5]

In 2000 the shareholders became Maersk Sealand and P&O Nedlloyd, after mergers in the late 1990s, and the withdrawal of Holland Rail Container BV.[3][5]

By 2002 addition destinations served were Mainz, Mannheim, Athus, Mouscron, Poznan, Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava and Szombathely from Rotterdam, as well as services from the ports of Bremerhaven and Hamburg to Munich, Nurnberg and Stuttgart.[5] In 2002 the full subsidiary ERS Railways was founded.[3] ERS Railways obtained a railway operators license in 2002.[1]

The company increased its transported volume from 22,000 TEU in 1994, to 363,000 (2002); and 494,000 (2004).[3] By 2006 the company was operating over 200 trains per week, and transported 620,000 TEU.[6]

In 2006 the company became a fully owned subsidiary of Maersk Line.[3] In 2013 Freightliner Group acquired the company from Maersk.[7]

EMD Class 66 with ERS-container shuttle at IJzeren Man (2008)

Joint ventures[edit]

The company GmbH was founded in 2000, by shareholding partnership with Eurogate,[note 1] and TX Logistik AG.[note 2] The company operates as a rail freight container transporter operating between German seaports and the German interior.[10]

Rolling stock[edit]

Operations originally started through subsidiary ERS Railways,[11] which hired EMD Class 66's from CB Rail, HSBC Rail and MRCE.[12]

As of 2013 the company uses Vossloh G1206 and Vossloh G 2000 locomotives for shunting, whilst international trains are operated by electric locomotives including BR182 (Siemens ES 64 U2), BR185 (Bombardier TRAXX) and BR189 (Siemens ES 64 F4).[13] The company owns a fleet of around 400 intermodal container wagons.[14]

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