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École Supérieure de Commerce Bretagne Brest (ESC Bretagne Brest), also called The Graduate school of Management of Brittany, France, is a French business School in the city of Brest in northwestern France.[1]

Founded in 1962,[2] ESC Bretagne Brest provides business and management courses to 900 students. Currently, the school offers 7 different programmes both in French and in English The school is supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Brest.[3][4][5] In January 2013, the school merged with 3 others to found France Business School.[6][7] Subsequent to the "explosion of France Business School",[8] as of January 2015, ESC Bretagne Brest regained its independence, thus also changing its name to Brest Business School.

Accreditations and Associations[9][10][edit]


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