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ESER is an abbreviation for Einheitliches System Elektronischer Rechenmaschinen (German for standardized system of electronic computers), a term used in the GDR for ES EVM computers produced according to a treaty between the members of Comecon signed on December 23, 1968 covering the development of a standardized computing system.

ESER was also the name for computers developed by this standard. Most ESER Computers were named ЕС (which is Cyrillic for "ES") followed by a four digit number, e.g., EC 1055, often also called ESER (e.g., ESER 1055). Robotron also produced minicomputers, whose names started with "K" (Kleinrechner for "minicomputer").

GDR manufacturing[edit]

  • EC 1834, 1835 (IBM PC XT compatibles)
  • EC 1040, 1055, 1055M, 1056, 1057
  • EC 7927
  • K 1001, 1002, 1003, K 1510, K 1520, K 1820, K 5103, K 5201, K 8913, K 8915, K 8924
  • CM 1910

Hungarian manufacturing[edit]

  • EC 1010, 1011, 1012

The ESER systems were in operation in GDR until 1995.

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