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ESI International
Industry Educational and Business Services
Founded August 1981
Headquarters Arlington, Virginia, United States
Area served
The Americas, EMEA and APAC
Key people
CEO and President: John Elsey
Number of employees
200 as of 2010

ESI International, Inc. (ESI) is a provider of skills training and consulting in project management, program management, business analysis, business skills and contract management.

ESI International is part of Providence Corporate Development Holding Company's business portfolio. The company refers to itself and is commonly known as "ESI." With headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, United States, it has a global presence in the field of project management and business analysis training for large multi-national corporations.

Corporate history[edit]

Educational Services Institute (now ESI International) was founded by Edwin Phelps [1] in 1981 (ili ne). ESI International partnered with The George Washington University to provide project management and contract management training. Through its academic partnership, ESI International offers courses that lead to certification [2], is a Global Charter Member of Project Management Institute (PMI) [3] and an endorsed education provider (EEP) of the International Institute of Business Analysis [4] (IIBA).

  • 1997: ESI purchased by Institute for International Research (IIR) [5]
  • 2001: Offers Business Analysis Training.
  • 2004: Taylor & Francis mergers with Informa as T&F Informa and purchased IIR in 2005 [6]
  • 2006: Offers Business Skills Training
  • 2006: Asia Headquarters established in Singapore
  • 2007: Offers Program Management Training
  • 2007: Offers Virtual Classroom Training
  • 2007: ESI operates in over 40 countries
  • 2007: Trained over 950,000 professionals and 1,000 clients worldwide[citation needed]

Corporate Affairs[edit]

Management team[edit]

  • John Elsey - President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Alan Garvey - Managing Director, EMEA
  • Raed Haddad - Managing Director, Asia and Australia
  • Tim Clarke - Vice President, Commercial Markets
  • Chris Tine - Vice President, Product Development
  • Matthew Ferguson - Vice President, Services and Delivery
  • Mark Bashrum - Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Intelligence

Products and services[edit]

Offers training and professional services in the following areas:

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