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ESOMAR is a membership organization representing the interests of the data, research and insights profession at an international level.

ESOMAR is the global association for the data and insights industry, with members based in 130 countries. For more than 70 years, ESOMAR has been guiding, regulating, promoting and celebrating market, social and opinion research and data analytics.

ESOMAR is the global insights community and the voice of the data, research and insights industries.

The name ESOMAR is an abbreviation of their original name, the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research[1].


ESOMAR has more than 6,000[2] individual members and 600+ corporate members from 130+ countries – representing a truly global community:[1]

All ESOMAR Members undersign and abide by the global standard, ICC/ESOMAR Code on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics.

ESOMAR offers three types of membership:[3]

  • Full Membership: open to those wanting to demonstrate their commitment to ethical practice, broaden their knowledge, experience and network with a global community
  • Corporate Membership:[4] available for data, research and insights agencies and global brands with in-house insights teams
  • Young ESOMAR Society: open to anyone 35 and under – either an established young researcher, or a student/graduate looking to get into the industry


Founded in 1947, ESOMAR is now a membership organization for the global data and insights profession. This is reflected in the geographical distribution of ESOMAR members – with members in more than 130 countries.

In this role ESOMAR undertakes four primary activities:

  • Professional Standards: In collaboration with the International Chamber of Commerce, ESOMAR established the ICC/ESOMAR Code on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics. All individual members agree to abide by these standards while conducting market research. The Code has also been adopted or endorsed by more than 67 national associations[5][6]
  • Events, training and development: ESOMAR offers 52 global events every year, from workshops to regional and global events. Its flagship event, Congress, is one of the largest events in the industry[7]
  • Representation: ESOMAR monitors regulatory affairs and inputs into the policy process where appropriate, always keeping members up-to-date with the latest changes in legislation[8]
  • Publications: ESOMAR publishes Research World Magazine Connect, published 6 times a year, exploring issues and developments in international research, alongside the blog platform Research World Connect,[9] offering the latest thinking from the data, research and insights industry. ESOMAR also produces the Global Market Research report each year – the only global analysis of market research spend and the Global Prices study, run every two years - a unique guide in the planning and purchasing of market research.


ESOMAR operates under a two-tier corporate governance structure:

  • The ESOMAR Council is an 11-member elected body responsible for driving the overall vision, mission and objectives of ESOMAR. Its current President is Joaquim Bretcha, International Director at Netquest
  • The ESOMAR management team oversees the commercial operation of ESOMAR. Its current Director General is Finn Raben

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