ESO 137-001

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ESO 137-001
New Hubble image of spiral galaxy ESO 137-001.jpg
Hubble image of ESO 137-001[1]
Observation data
Epoch J2000 [2]
Constellation Triangulum Australe [3]
Right ascension 16h 13m 27.305s [2]
Declination −60° 45′ 50.59″ [2]
Apparent dimension (V) 1.23′ × 0.55 [3]
Type SBc [2]
Other designations
ESO 137-001 , ESO 137-1 , ESO-LV 137-0010 , LEDA 57532 , PGC 57532

ESO 137-001 is a barred spiral galaxy[2] located in the cluster known as Abell 3627 (Norma Cluster).[4] As the galaxy moves to the center of the cluster, it is stripped by hot gas thus creating a 260,000 light-year long tail.[4] There is evidence of star formation in the tails.[4] The galaxy was discovered by Dr. Ming Sun in 2005.[5]

Galaxy's fate[edit]

Observations reveal motion of gas as it is ripped out of the galaxy ESO 137-001.[6]

The stripping of gas is thought to have a significant effect on the galaxy's development, removing cold gas from the galaxy, shutting down the formation of new stars in the galaxy, and changing the appearance of inner spiral arms and bulges because of the effects of star formation.

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