ESPN MLS GameNight

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ESPN MLS GameNight
The cover art for the NTSC version of ESPN MLS GameNight.
Cover art featuring Carlos Valderrama.
Developer(s)Saffire Corporation
Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
Composer(s)Shinji Enomoto
Kosuke Soeda
Akira Yamaoka
Hideki Kasai
  • NA: September 19, 2000
Mode(s)Single player, multiplayer

ESPN MLS GameNight is a video game of the sports genre released in 2000 by Konami and Saffire Corporation Corporation. The game is considered to be an enhanced remake of ISS Pro Evolution, also published by Konami. It is the only MLS game to have been released on the PlayStation. The sequel, ESPN MLS ExtraTime 2002, was released on the PlayStation 2 seven months later.

The game also featured the option of choosing either English commentary (provided by Bob Ley) and Spanish commentary (provided by Luis Omar Tapia).


It has the option of choosing either 12 teams from the MLS or 53 international teams for a quick, friendly Exhibition game. In Season Mode, the player participates in a full 32-game Major League Soccer season where they are tasked with having to deal with realistic injuries, unpredictable weather conditions, and mid-season trades.

There's also a Custom League mode and a custom-player option that lets you build up to 22 original players.

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