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Directed by Jun Fukuda
Produced by
Screenplay by Ei Ogawa
Story by Sakyo Komatsu
Music by
Cinematography Masaharu Ueda[1]
Edited by Michiko Ikeda[1]
Distributed by Toho
Release date
  • 28 December 1974 (1974-12-28) (Japan)
Running time
94 minutes[1]
Country Japan

ESPY (エスパイ?, Esupai) is a 1974 film based on a story by Sakyo Komatsu. The film was directed by Jun Fukuda from a screenplay by Ei Ogawa.[1] It stars Masao Kusakari, Kaoru Yumi, Tomisaburo Wakayama, and Eiji Okada.


The International Psychic Power Group is a covert organization financed by the United Nations. Made up of clairvoyant supermen under the guise of the International Pollution Research Center, they wage a private war against enemies that threaten world peace and the total annihilation of the human race. With hostility between the East and West reaching a boiling point, four Eastern European delegates are assassinated aboard the Milan-Geneva international express on their way to the United Nations for the Mediation Committee of International Dispute. The Baltonian Prime Minister is the next to be targeted for termination. A ruthless psychic assassin named Goro hunts down the psychokinetic saviors, themselves marked for death by an anti-ESPY group led by the insidious and superhuman Ulrov who plans to destroy mankind by initiating World War 3.




ESPY was released theatrically in Japan on 28 December 1974 where it was distributed by Toho.[1] It was released in the United States by Toho International with English subtitles and a 94 minute running time in 1975.[1] It was released to home video as E.S.P./SPY with an English-language dub by UPA of America and with an 86 minute running time.[1]



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