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ESP Eclipse
ESP guitar.jpg
1995 - Present
Body typeSolid
Chambered (limited edition semi-hollow body models)
Neck jointSet Neck
Bolt on (EC-10, EC-50, EC-100)
Basswood (EC-10, EC-50, EC-100)
Maple (EC-10, EC-50, EC-100)
Maple (on select models)
BridgeTune-O-Matic or TonePros Locking Bridge with Stop Tailpiece
Floyd Rose locking tremolo (on select models)
Pickup(s)EMG 81, Seymour Duncan JB, or DiMarzio DP103 (Bridge)
EMG 60, Seymour Duncan '59, or DiMarzio DP103 (Neck)
ESP pickups for the lower end models


Thomas Youngblood (Kamelot) playing his ESP Eclipse live in London

ESP Eclipse is an electric guitar model distributed by ESP.

There are many different variations of the Eclipse, including the Eclipse-I, Eclipse-I CTM, Eclipse-I CTM (full thickness), Eclipse-II, (USA)Eclipse-II, and Eclipse Custom. ESP also makes several models under its LTD brand that are based on the Eclipse. These include the EC-1000, EC-401, EC-330, EC-256, EC-200, EC-100, EC-50, and EC-10.

The Eclipse is a solid body, single cutaway, 24.75 inch scale guitar similar in shape to a Gibson Les Paul although the body of the Eclipse is significantly thinner and lighter. Common features are Mahogany body, set neck, 24.75" scale, EMG pickups (typically the EMG 81/60 combo), 3-way toggle, TonePros locking bridge and tailpiece, and locking tuners. Some models come equipped with Seymour Duncan pickups and there are a variety of finishes. Some of the lower level LTD EC models have different hardware. The EC-200, EC-100, and EC-50 have a different body contour. And the EC-100, EC-50, and EC-10 have bolt-on necks.

The (USA)Eclipse-II (just called the Eclipse-II in the US), Eclipse Custom, and the LTD EC line all feature two volume, one tone control, and a wider cutaway with a shorter lower horn. The Eclipse-I and Eclipse-II (outside US) features two tone and two volume controls, and a longer "Les Paul style" horn. There is also a full-thickness version of the Eclipse-I which has a body width of 55mm. In the United States only the Eclipse-II and Eclipse Custom along with the LTD EC line are available.

The first Eclipses produced were actually made in a Telecaster shape with an arched top.[1] They were discontinued sometimes in the late 80's, then reintroduced in 1995 in their modern-day Les Paul shape. The shape was once again changed in the North American market due to a lawsuit made by Gibson Guitars, and now have a wider cutaway and only 3 knobs: 1 bridge pickup volume knob, 1 neck pickup volume knob, and 1 tone control knob. This model is also available in the Asian market, being called the ESP MA.


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