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(Estonian Digital Camouflage Uniform)
Type military digital camouflage uniform
Place of origin  Estonia
Service history
In service 2007–present
Used by Maavagi crest.svg Estonian Ground Force
Kaitseliit emblem.svg Estonian Defence League
Wars Afghanistan War (2001-present)
Iraq War (2003-present)
Production history
Manufacturer Estonia
Unit cost approx. 300 USD
Variants desert warfare
forest warfare
urban warfare
winter warfare
Estonian Defence League mortar team wearing the ESTDCU.

The ESTDCU is the Estonian version of the digital camouflage uniform. The first set of test-uniforms were taken in use around 2005, and are slowly replacing the old pattern in service use.

Pattern development[edit]

Development started in 2005, the camouflage pattern was developed by Andres Lüll on contract with EDF Logistics Center.

Uniform equipment[edit]


Kaitseliitlased saavad paremini maastikku sulanduvad vormid