Esports at the 2018 Asian Games – Hearthstone tournament

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at the 2018 Asian Games
VenueBritAma Arena
Dates31 August
Competitors8 from 8 nations
gold medal 
silver medal 
bronze medal 
2022 →

The Hearthstone tournament at the 2018 Asian Games was an eSports demonstration event that was contested on 31 August 2018.[1] It was won by Lo Tsz Kin (Kin0531) of Hong Kong.


Hearthstone qualification were determined through online matches.[2] Indonesia as hosts automatically qualifies.[3]

Means of qualification Vacancies Qualifier
Host country 1  Indonesia
East Asia Qualifier 2  Hong Kong
Southeast Asia Qualifier 2  Vietnam
South Asia Qualifier 1  India
Central Asia Qualifier 1  Kyrgyzstan
West Asia Qualifier 1  Saudi Arabia

Regional qualification[edit]

A round robin format was used for the qualification tournaments.[3]


The following eight players participated in the Hearthstone tournament.[4]


The format used for this event was best of five, single elimination.[5]

Quarter-finalsSemi-finalsGold Medal Game
31 August - BritAma Arena
31 August - BritAma Arena
31 August - BritAma Arena
 Hong Kong3
 Hong Kong3
31 August - BritAma Arena
 Hong Kong3
31 August - BritAma Arena
31 August - BritAma Arena
31 August - BritAma Arena
 Vietnam2 Bronze Medal Game
 Saudi Arabia1
31 August - BritAma Arena


Rank Team
1st, gold medalist(s)  Hong Kong
2nd, silver medalist(s)  Indonesia
3rd, bronze medalist(s)  India
4  Vietnam


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