Esports at the 2018 Asian Games – League of Legends

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League of Legends
at the 2018 Asian Games
VenueBritAma Arena
Dates27–29 August
Competitors53 from 8 nations
gold medal 
silver medal 
bronze medal 
2022 →

The League of Legends tournament at the 2018 Asian Games was an esports demonstration event that was held from 27 to 29 August 2018.[1]


League of Legends qualification for the Central Asia and West Asia zones were determined in through online matches while other zones' qualification process took place offline in two locations.[2] Indonesia as hosts automatically qualified.[3]

Means of qualification Venue Vacancies Qualifier
Host country N/A 1  Indonesia
East Asia Qualifier  Hong Kong 3  South Korea
 Chinese Taipei
Southeast Asia Qualifier Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City 1  Vietnam
South Asia Qualifier 1  Pakistan
Central Asia Qualifier Online 1  Kazakhstan
West Asia Qualifier 1  Saudi Arabia

Regional qualification[edit]

A double round robin format was used for the qualification tournaments.[3]


Four countries, including medalists China, Korea and Chinese Taipei, sent teams composed exclusively of pro players, including multiple champions of national leagues and official Riot Games international events such as the World Championship and the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), including South Korea's Lee Sang-hyeok (Faker) and China's Jian Zi-Hao (Uzi).[4]

Country Top Jungle Mid ADC Support Substitute
 South Korea Kiin

Kim Ki-in (김기인)
Afreeca Freecs


Go Dong-bin (고동빈)
KT Rolster


Lee Sang-hyeok (이상혁)
SK Telecom T1


Park Jae-hyuk (박재혁)


Jo Yong-in (조용인)


Han Wang-ho (한왕호)
Kingzone DragonX

 China Letme

Yan Jun-Ze (严君泽)
Royal Never Give Up


Liu Shi-Yu (刘世宇)
Royal Never Give Up


Su Han-Wei (苏汉伟)
Team WE


Jian Zi-Hao (简自豪)
Royal Never Give Up


Shi Sen-Ming (史森明)
Royal Never Give Up


Tian Ye (田野)
Edward Gaming

 Vietnam Stark

Phan Công Minh
EVOS Esports


Nguyễn Lê Hải Đăng
EVOS Esports


Đoàn Văn Ngọc Sơn
EVOS Esports


Nguyễn Ngọc Hùng
EVOS Esports


Lê Thiên Hàn
EVOS Esports


Trương Vĩnh Thanh
EVOS Esports

 Chinese Taipei PK

Hsieh Yu-Ting (謝宇庭)


Wang You-Chun (王佑軍)


Huang Yi-Tang (黃熠棠)
Flash Wolves


Lu Yu-Hung (盧禹宏)
Flash Wolves


Hu Shuo-Chieh (胡碩傑)
Flash Wolves


Chen Kuan-Ting (陳冠廷)
Flash Wolves


The format used in the tournament was double round robin in the group stage and single elimination in knockout stage. The highest two of each group advanced to semi-finals. Best of one was used in the group stage, best of three was used in the semi-finals and best of five was used in the bronze and gold medal matches.[5]

Group A[edit]

Pos Team Pld W L Pts Qualification
1  South Korea 6 6 0 6–0 Advance to knockout stage
2  China 6 4 2 4–2
3  Vietnam 6 2 4 2–4
4  Kazakhstan 6 0 6 0–6

Group B[edit]

Pos Team Pld W L Pts Qualification
1  Chinese Taipei 6 6 0 6–0 Advance to knockout stage
2  Saudi Arabia 6 4 2 4–2
3  Pakistan 6 2 4 2–4
4  Indonesia 6 0 6 0–6

Knockout stage[edit]

Semi-finalsGold medal match
28 August - BritAma Arena
 South Korea2
29 August - BritAma Arena
 Saudi Arabia0
 South Korea1
28 August - BritAma Arena
 Chinese Taipei1
Bronze medal match
29 August - BritAma Arena
 Saudi Arabia1
 Chinese Taipei3

Source: AESF[6]


Rank Team
1st place, gold medalist(s)  China
2nd place, silver medalist(s)  South Korea
3rd place, bronze medalist(s)  Chinese Taipei
4  Saudi Arabia


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