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EURAMET - the European Association of National Metrology Institutes (previously known as EUROMET) is a collaborative alliance of national metrological organizations from member states of the European Union (EU) and of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). The purpose being to achieve higher efficiency by co-ordinating and sharing metrological activities and services.[1]

EURAMET was established on 11 January 2007 in Berlin. Legally it is a company registered under German law with its offices in Braunschweig and on 1 July 2007 took over the role of EUROMET as a Regional Metrology Organisation (RMO).[2] EUROMET - the European Collaboration in Measurement Standards was created in Madrid, Spain on 23 September 1987 and became operative on 1 January 1988.[1]

Full membership of EURAMET is restricted to national metrology institutes (NMI) of European Union and European Free Trade Association member states, well-established NMIs of other European states and the European Commission's Institute working in the field of Metrology. Associate membership is available for Designated [metrology] institutes from member states and NMIs which, for various reasons, cannot be full members.[3]

EURAMET coordinates metrological activity at a European level, liaising with the OIML and the BIPM where appropriate. Amongst its publications are various calibration and technical guides[4] and a booklet on European time zones.[5]


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