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Logo of the 2007 EU Cup

The Euro Cup (formerly known as the EU Cup) is an international Australian rules football tournament played between European national teams. Played under 9-a-side Footy rules, the tournament was first held at Chiswick in London, England in 2005 as an extension of the Central European Australian Football League Championships. The event has to date been mainly contested by European nations not yet at the stage of having enough players to attend the Australian Football International Cup, as having a smaller squad size makes it easier to attend.

The Euro Cup is an event hosted annually by AFL Europe.


Year Host Champions Runners Up Third Fourth Number of teams
2005 England London Belgium Belgium Sweden Sweden Netherlands Netherlands Germany Germany 10
2007 Germany Hamburg Sweden Sweden Germany Germany England England Spain Spain 12
2008 Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic England England Croatia Croatia Germany Germany Sweden Sweden 12
2009 Croatia Samobor, Croatia England England Netherlands Netherlands Croatia Croatia Spain Spain 15
2010 Italy Milan, Italy Croatia Croatia Netherlands Netherlands Republic of Ireland Ireland England England 15
2011 Northern Ireland Belfast, Northern Ireland Republic of Ireland Ireland Croatia Croatia England England Italy Italy 18
2012 Scotland Edinburgh, Scotland Republic of Ireland Ireland Denmark Denmark England England Italy Italy 16
2013 France Bordeaux, France England England France France Croatia Croatia Italy Italy 12
2014 England London, England Denmark Denmark Croatia Croatia Republic of Ireland Ireland Germany Germany 21
2015 Croatia Umag, Croatia Denmark Denmark England England Croatia Croatia Republic of Ireland Ireland 18
2016 Portugal Lisbon, Portugal Croatia Croatia Republic of Ireland Ireland England England Germany Germany 22


2013 Euro Cup[edit]

The 2013 EU Cup was held in Bordeaux, France on Saturday 21 September 2013. 12 national men's teams competed including: Austria, Catalonia, Croatia, England, European Crusaders, France, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway and Spain. Two women's teams, France and the European Crusaders, competed in a women's match.

In the Grand final England defeated France 92-15.

2012 Euro Cup[edit]

The 2012 event was held in Edinburgh, Scotland on Saturday 22 September 2012. 16 national men's teams competed including: Croatia, Ireland, England, Italy, Spain, Wales, France, Scotland, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Czech Republic and Norway (first participation). Two women's teams, Ireland and the European Crusaders, competed in a women's match.

Ireland defeated Denmark in the final by 1 point.

2011 Euro Cup[edit]

The 2011 Euro Cup was held in Belfast, Northern Ireland on Saturday 8 October 2011. 18 national men's teams competed in the tournament. Final results were: 1. Ireland, 2. Croatia, 3. England, 4. Italy, 5. France, 6. Scotland, 7. Wales, 8. Spain, 9. European Crusaders, 10. Russia (1st time competitors), 11. Denmark, 12. Germany, 13. Finland, 14. Sweden, 15. Netherlands, 16. Austria, 17. Iceland, 18. Catalonia.

Ireland defeated Switzerland in the women's match.

2010 Euro Cup[edit]

The 2010 event was held in Parabiago on the outskirts of Milan, Italy on Saturday 2 October 2010, and the competing teams were Austria, Catalonia, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, EU Crusaders, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Wales.

In the final Croatia defeated the Netherlands by 5 points.

For the first time a women's international match took place during the competition. Ireland defeated Italy by 10 points in the one-off match.

2009 EU Cup[edit]

The 2009 event was held in Samobor, Croatia on the weekend of 3 to 5 October, and the competing teams were England, Finland, Czech Republic, Andorra, Croatia, France, Scotland, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Ireland and the EU Crusaders.

In the final, England defeated Netherlands.

2008 EU Cup[edit]

The 2008 event was held in Prague, Czech Republic on the weekend of 11 and 12 October, and the competing teams were England, Finland, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Catalonia, The Netherlands, Scotland, Croatia, Sweden, Austria and the EU Crusaders. In the final, England defeated Croatia 107-59.

2007 EU Cup[edit]

The 2007 event was held in Hamburg, Germany on the weekend of 15 and 16 September, and was won by Sweden who defeated Germany in the final.

Twelve teams representing Austria, Belgium, Catalonia, Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and a team called EU Crusaders attended the 2007 EU Cup. This tournament limited squad sizes to 15 players, of which no more than ten could be Australians.

2005 EU Cup[edit]

Ten teams representing Scotland, England, Germany, Sweden, Israel, Netherlands, France, Austria, Catalonia and Belgium attended the 2005 EU Cup.

There was no restriction on the numbers of expatriate Australians competing in the event, but a handicap system was put in places whereby sides received a 2-point handicap for each local national and 1 point for each other non-Australian in their squads.

The tournament was won by Belgium who defeated Sweden in the final.

Team record[edit]

Team Champions Runners-up
England England 3 1
Croatia Croatia 2 3
Republic of Ireland Ireland 2 1
Sweden Sweden 1 1
Belgium Belgium 1 0
Netherlands Netherlands 0 2
Germany Germany 0 1
Denmark Denmark 0 1
France France 0 1

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