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Founder Niall Murphy, Andy Hobsbawm, Dominique Guinard, Vlad Trifa
Headquarters New York City, London and San Francisco
Key people
Niall Murphy, Andy Hobsbawm, Dominique Guinard, Vlad Trifa
Services Internet of Things, Smart products, Product Relationship Management, Web of Things, Software, Sensors, Embedded Hardware and Software, Location-Based Services, NFC, QR Codes, RFID, Mobile,
Website evrythng.com

EVRYTHNG is an internet of things software company based in London, San Francisco and New York City.[1][2][3] The company manages digital identity data in an intelligent IoT "smart products" cloud to connect consumer products to the Web and drive real-time applications.[4] Niall Murphy, Andy Hobsbawm, Dominique Guinard and Vlad Trifa founded the company in January 2011.[2][4] Murphy is the company's founding CEO.[5]


Niall Murphy, Andy Hobsbawm, Dominique Guinard and Vlad Trifa founded the company in January 2011.[2][4][6] In November 2011, EVRYTHNG closed a $1 million seed funding round led by Atomico, a technology investment firm.[7][8] EVRYTHNG announced Diageo, a British alcoholic beverages company, as its first customer in October 2012.[1][9] EVRYTHNG created a Digital Identity for Diageo's whiskey brands in Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Australia, Eastern Europe and Vietnam.[1][9][10] In 2013, global analyst group Frost & Sullivan awarded EVRYTHNG’s IoT platform a New Product Innovation Best Practice award.[11]

In April 2014, EVRYTHNG secured US$7 million in a series-A investment round from Atomico, BHLP LLC, Dawn Capital and Cisco Investments.[3][5][12][13] It was Cisco’s first investment in a company based in both Europe and the United States.[3] Later that year, the company received an undisclosed amount of funding from Samsung Ventures Investment Corporation.[14] In 2014, EVRYTHNG received the best IoT start-up of the year from The Europas, a subsidiary event from TechCrunch. The company was voted IoT Breakout Startup of the Year in 2014 and 2015 Postcapes awards.[15][16]

EVRYTHNG's offers an IoT Smart Products Platform-as-a-Service that connects consumer products to the Web and manages real-time data to drive applications.[17] It operates Active Digital Identities, unique digital identities for individual products in the cloud to deliver real-time interactive experiences and support services to consumers, and connect via "cloud-to-cloud" integration with the growing ecosystem of other connected applications and "smart" products.[14] It has been referred to as a "Product Relationship Management" (PRM) platform.[15][16] EVRYTHNG’s real-time IoT data platform works with both "tagged", non-electronic products (using technologies like RFID, beacons, NFC, 1D and 2D barcodes and image recognition) and natively "connected" products via embedded controllers, sensors and chip sets. In March 2017, EVRYTHNG raised $24.8 million Series B round of funding. [18] The Series B round was led by Sway Ventures and also included participation from new investors BLOC Ventures and Generation Ventures.


EVRYTHNG partnered with ThinFilm, a Norway-based printed electronics company in July 2014.[19][20] Additionally, EVRYTHNG partnered with Avery Dennison, a global manufacturer and distributor of packaging solutions, in September 2014.[21] In 2012, EVRYTHNG engaged in a three-year EU COMPOSE project with IBM,the World Wide Web Consortium, universities from across Europe, several other technology companies and the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre to develop an open technical framework for Internet of Things applications and services.[22] EVRYTHNG announced a partnership with Gooee, an LED lighting technology company, in 2015.[23]EVERYTHING and Zappar became partners in 2017.[24]


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