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Developer UNIVAC
OS family ?
Working state ?
Source model ?
Latest release ? / 1964
Marketing target ?
Available in ?
Platforms UNIVAC 1108
Kernel type ?
Default user interface Command line interface
License Proprietary
Official website ?
Support status

EXEC 8 (sometimes referred to as EXEC VIII) was UNIVAC's operating system developed for the UNIVAC 1108 in 1964. It combined the best features of the earlier operating systems: EXEC I and EXEC II (used on the UNIVAC 1107). EXEC 8 was one of the first commercially successful multiprocessing operating systems. It supported simultaneous mixed workloads comprising batch, time-sharing and real-time. It supported one file system with a flat naming structure across many drums and/or spindles. It supported a well-received transaction processing system. Unisys continues to market and support systems founded on the original 1108 and EXEC 8 designs.

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