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Developer(s) Avishay Traeger
Operating system Linux
Type Distributed file system
License GPL
Website http://www.open-osd.org

EXOFS (formerly known as OSDFS) is an object-based file system implemented on top of an external object store. Its name stands for "EXtended Object File System" referring to its use of ext2-based metadata and object storage devices.

Exofs was originally developed by Avishay Traeger for IBM HRL and was originally based on the ext2 file system.[1] Since 2008, Panasas develops and maintains Exofs on open-osd.org.

Exofs has been included in the mainline Linux kernel since version 2.6.30-rc1.[2] but no Linux distribution implement this with a utility for making file systems in exofs for the current 3.0 kernel line.


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