EXTRA artillery rocket system

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EXTRA Extended Range Artillery
רקטת אקסטרא.jpg
EXTRA flight test
TypeArtillery rocket
Place of originIsrael
Service history
In service2016 – present[1]
Production history
Produced2016 – present[2]
Mass570 kg[3]
Length4.7 m[4]

Caliber306 mm (12.0 in)
Maximum firing range150 km

global navigation satellite system (GNSS) / inertial navigation system (INS)

The EXTRA EXTended Range Artillery is an artillery rocket system developed and manufactured by Israel Military Industries IMI and used by Israel Defense Forces, Azerbaijan and Vietnam since 2013.[2][6] It has a maximum range of 150km with a 120kg unitary warhead and accuracy of 10m CEP.[7][8][9]

The EXTRA missiles can be launched by IMI’s LYNX (MRL) launcher, as well as from a variety of other available launchers.[10]

The ship launched version is called TRIGON.[11]

IMI developed an air launched version of the missile,[12] originally called MARS.[13] The air-launched version has been renamed Rampage, it will enter series production in 2019.[14]

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