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EZGenerator Screenshot.png
Screenshot of EZGenerator v.4
Developer(s) Image-Line
Stable release
Operating system Windows NT / 98 / 2000 / Me / XP / Win2K3 / Vista / 7
Type Web Design Program
License Proprietary
Website www.EZGenerator.com

EZGenerator is a web design program created by Image-Line. The program is intended to be accessible to users with no experience in code such as HTML or CSS, and displays results in a WYSIWYG manner. EZGenerator is available for Windows operating systems.[2][3]


EZGenerator was initially developed for Image-Line software in order for the company to maintain and set-up their own websites, such as the website for FL Studio and SampleFusion.com. The company eventually commercialized the program.[4] Upon its release, EZGenerator was awarded 5/5 stars at Tucows[citation needed] As of June 2011, it was ranked #12 for web site tool downloads on CNET.[5]

There have been three major version updates, and the program as of 2008 is at version 3.0.[5][6] There is a one-time purchase to use the program, and no monthly fees.[2][3] There is currently a yearly maintenance fee in order to continue downloading templates, etc.[1] The free trial version[3] contains an extra footer and a watermark on output.[5]

System requirements[edit]

EZGenerator works on Windows NT / 98 / 2000 / Me / XP / Win2K3 / Vista / 7.[5][7] As of January 2011, it requires Pentium II or higher, and Internet Explorer v5.0 or higher. It also requires a screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels or higher, and a screen color mode of 16 bit (65536 colors) or higher.[7]

Product overview[edit]

The program operates on the principle of WYSIWYG, (What You See Is What You Get),[2][8] and allows for the creation of multiple websites by users with no technical skills or knowledge of HTML.[2][3][9]


EZGenerator uses FTP settings for publishing to the internet and uploading changes,[10] meaning the websites can be hosted on any server or hosting company.[3][7] There is a login feature that allows users to edit web-editable pages created from the program from any PC.[8] Using FTP, the program also determines which files need to be uploaded for an update.[2] The program has a test server so websites can be viewed before they are launched on their actual hosting accounts.[8] EZGenerator is built in with tools to make it search engine friendly, with automatic meta descriptions, <H1>, and alt image tags, and file names for SEO.[8]


The program includes a Wizard[7] that allows users to pick a project type and complete a working website in 15 minutes or less.[7][10] EZGenerator includes over 3,000 free web templates,[10] and each one is customizable.[11] Pages can also be built from scratch.[3][12]

EZGenerator works with Google features such as Adwords, Google Checkout, Google Analytics, and Google Maps.[3][10] It has an e-commerce model that allows for products and services to be listed in a catalog,[3] and allows for accepting credit cards and Paypal payments via the site.[7] Other features include a built in search function and hit counter,[2] PHP contact pages with capchas,[8][11] and RSS publisher, a calendar, and a guestbook, newsletter management, and interactive Flash polls for surveys.[3] The websites can also be made into blogs and photo-blogs.[3] The program generates its own XML sitemap for the websites.[8]


Images are automatically scaled to be a web suitable format,[3] and the program as built-in image editors to allow for cropping, text additions, manipulation of image properties, and effects.[2][8] Images can be displayed in slideshows, image pop-ups, or thumbnail modes.[3][7]

The program has a built-in podcasting[3] and video-casting module. Flash media-players can display mp3s and video, and stream them directly from YouTube or Google Video.[10]


Image-line has an online support forum where employees post answers to questions within 24 hours.[8]


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