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EZ Basic
Origin Hungary Budapest, Hungary
Genres Indie pop
Years active 2004-
Labels Twelvetones,  Hungary
EMI Records,  United Kingdom
Website https://www.facebook.com/ezbasic
Members Árpád Szarvas
Dénes Pesztalics
Áron Nagybaczoni

EZ Basic are a guitar pop band based in Budapest, Hungary formed in 2004.[1] The group started out as an experimental bedroom project in 2000 and is noted for being one of the most eclectic bands of the Budapest indie music scene.



EZ Basic were formed by Árpád Szarvas and Dénes Pesztalics. Their primary aim was to mix electronic and instrumental music but it was indie pop, post-punk and American girlie pop melodies from the 1960s that left their marks on EZ Basic's sound. On one hand, the name EZ Basic refers to early 1980s computers/electronics, on the other hand, to DIY punk ethics: “easy basic” as “learn three chords and form a band”.

Their early home demos recorded between 1999-2003 reflected an experimental approach to music making, bringing Primal Scream, Suicide, Broadcast, Sonic Youth, The Jesus & Mary Chain, New Order, early shoegaze bands and electronic beats from the mid-1990s to mind. In the same year they began a series of gigs in Budapest, but the 2-piece had soon found themselves playing packed gigs outside Budapest as well.

It was not until 2005 when András Tóth (former drummer of the Hungarian indie band Supersonic) joined EZ Basic on drums that their sound has moved into a more pop-orientated sound: previously backed by a drum machine and weird noises, the trio had become a powerful live band sometimes riding the waves of wall of sound and delivering delicate but cynical pop melodies. In the same year EZ Basic was on the bill at Sziget Festival (one of Europe’s biggest festivals), at Alan McGee's Death Disco and also played in Germany, Poland and Slovakia.

Hocus Focus[edit]

EZ Basic's debut album entitled Hocus Focus was recorded in only six days at Stray Dog Studios between 23–25 July and 3–5 September in 2007 in Budapest.[2][3] The band opted for Szabolcs Puha as the producer. They released it in November 2007 as un unsigned band. The album was partially financed by the program called Pankkk of the Hungarian Ministry of Education. The album contains the song Nice1 which could be found in their debut EP EZ To Say. EZ Basic shot their first music video for the song Nice1. This song brought success for the band and could lay the foundations for being one of the leading members of the Hungarian indie music scene.

Hello Heavy[edit]

During the summer of 2009, EZ Basic started working with English producer George Shilling who previously worked with bands such as Primal Scream, Blur, Bernard Butler (ex-Suede), Soup Dragons, Coldcut, My Bloody Valentine, and The Fall. In April 2010 the Hungarian Twelvetones Records released EZ Basic's second full-length studio album, Hello Heavy.[4][5] After the album's release the band supported Placebo in Budapest Sports Arena,[6][7] and later represented Hungary at the Eurosonic Festival in Groningen, Netherlands in 2011.[8][9][10][11]

Memories of Spring[edit]

EZ Basic released a new EP entitled Memories of Spring in April 2012.[12][13] EZ Basic shot the video for the song Sometimes I Can't to promote their new EP. The video was directed by Dezső Gyarmati while the cinematographer was Ákos Nyoszoli.

Dead End Darling[edit]

In 2014 EZ Basic started recording their 3rd album called Dead End Darling, which was released on November 10, 2015. The album features previously released singles Unnatural and Whatcha Gonna Do With Your Life?, and contains 12 songs in total.

Band members[edit]



EZ Basic discography
Studio albums 3
Music videos 4
EPs 2
  • EZ To Say EP (2007)
  • Hocus Focus (2007)
  • Hello Heavy (2010)
  • Memories of Spring EP (2012)
  • Dead End Darling (2015)
  • New Lines (2013)
  • Unnatural (2014)
  • Whatcha Gonna Do With Your Life? (2015)

Music videos[edit]

Year Title Director
2010 Nice1 Péter Farkas
2010 May Dávid Vígh
2011 Motorik Erik Róbert Borbás & Judit Kurth
2012 Sometimes I Can't Dezső Gyarmati & Ákos Nyoszoli

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