Eadwulf III of Bamburgh

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The name of Eadwulf given as "Eadulf eorl" in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.

Eadulf III or Eadwulf III (died 1041) was the earl of Bernicia from 1038 until his death. He was a son of Uhtred the Bold and succeeded his brother Ealdred. According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, he was betrayed by King Harthacnut and killed. He was the last of the ancient Bernician line of earls to rule before his son Osulf usurped the Northumbrian earldom in 1067.

In the Historia Regum Anglorum, Eadwulf is recorded as having led a military campaign against the Britons of Cumbria in 1038. The Cumbrians may have lost the lands which they had held south of the Solway at this time.


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Preceded by
Ealdred II
Earl of Bernicia
Merged into the Earldom of Northumbria
Title next held by
Osulf II in 1065