Eagle Bicycle Manufacturing Company

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Eagle Plant in Torrington, Connecticut

Eagle Bicycle Manufacturing Company based in Torrington, Connecticut built bicycles from 1888-1900.

Eagle Bicycle Company Head Badge-Logo, 1896

At one time, Eagle had a capacity to manufacture 20,000 to 30,000 bicycles annually.[1] The company promoted some of their unique features such as aluminum rims and inner tube tires, which are easily detached and repaired.[2] They were one of the earliest to use cold-swaging on the frame joints. Eagle built high wheels including a 48", 50" and 52" inch high wheel in the 1880s. They weighed 35 to 50 pounds and cost $40 to $150.

In 1890, Frank E. Weaver made one of the first ever USA transcontinental bicycle trips (Thomas Stevens has claims to the first in 1884) on a 48" Eagle bicycle. Mr. Weaver supplied periodic reports on the New Haven to San Francisco cross-country trip to Bicycling World, LAW Bulletin and New Haven Palladium.[3]


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