Rural Municipality of Eagle Creek No. 376

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The Rural Municipality of Eagle Creek No. 376, Saskatchewan is located west of the city of Saskatoon. It is in SARM Division No. 5.


As of the census in 2001, there were 564 people living in the RM of Eagle Creek. The RM is part of the Heartland Regional Health Authority.

Government of the RM[edit]

All rural municipalities have elected councils, along with an elected head called a reeve. The current reeve of the RM of Eagle Creek is M.J. Northcote. There are six councilors, who are currently:

  • Leslie J. Stack
  • Melton Kowal
  • Richard Konotopetz
  • Steven Lovenuk
  • Nick Romaniuk
  • Faith Struhan
  • Administrator: Lloyd Cross

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Coordinates: 52°20′42″N 107°32′25″W / 52.34500°N 107.54028°W / 52.34500; -107.54028