Eagle Dynamics

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Eagle Dynamics
Industry Video games
Founded 1991 in Moscow, Russia
Headquarters Moscow, Russia
Products Su-27 Flanker
Lock On: Modern Air Combat
Digital Combat Simulator
Number of employees
Website http://www.eagle.ru/

Eagle Dynamics is a software company founded by the Russian Igor Tishin in 1991, based in Moscow, Russia. The company is the leader in developing combat flight simulators, and it develops Oracle-based products.

Combat Flight Simulators[edit]

The company has developed Su-27 Flanker (1995), Lock On: Modern Air Combat (2003), the Lock On add-on Flaming Cliffs 3.0 (2013, featuring the Su-25T) and Digital Combat Simulator, with the Kamov Ka-50 "Black Shark" as the first release (2008), and Fairchild A-10C "Warthog" as the second release (2011) - all of them being combat flight simulators.


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