Eagle Point National Cemetery

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Eagle Point National Cemetery
United States
Eagle Point National Cemetery.jpg
Used for those deceased
Established 1952
Location 42°27′50″N 122°47′10″W / 42.464°N 122.786°W / 42.464; -122.786Coordinates: 42°27′50″N 122°47′10″W / 42.464°N 122.786°W / 42.464; -122.786
near Eagle Point, Oregon
Total burials 17,000
Burials by nation
Entrance sign at Eagle Point National Cemetery
Entrance gate at Eagle Point National Cemetery

Eagle Point National Cemetery is a United States National Cemetery located 14 miles northeast of Eagle Point, Jackson County of the U.S. state of Oregon. It is about 14 miles (20 km) northeast of Medford. Administered by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, it encompasses 43.4 acres (17.6 ha), and as of 2014, had over 17,000 interments.


Cypress Hills National Cemetery opened in 1952 to service the nearby veterans facility in White City, Oregon about four miles away. Administration was transferred to the National Cemetery system in 1973, when it was named White City National Cemetery. The name was changed to Eagle Point National Cemetery on March 19, 1985.

Noteworthy monuments[edit]

  • A memorial dedicated to "All Unknown Veterans" was erected at the cemetery in 1980, it was donated by the Disabled American Veterans organization.[1]
  • A carillon was donated by the American Veterans as part of their international living-memorial program, which began shortly after World War II.
  • A memorial dedicated to all 1st Marine Divisions of all Wars was donated by the 1st Marine Division Association.

Notable interments[edit]


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