Eagle River Cemetery

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Eagle River Cemetery
Eagle River Cemetery is located in Michigan
Eagle River Cemetery
Location of Eagle River Cemetery in Michigan
Location M-26, near Eagle River
Coordinates 47°24′22″N 88°17′56″W / 47.406°N 88.299°W / 47.406; -88.299Coordinates: 47°24′22″N 88°17′56″W / 47.406°N 88.299°W / 47.406; -88.299
Area 1 acre[1]
Founded 1843
1876 (Official)
Designated July 17, 1986

The Eagle River Cemetery, also called the Evergreen Cemetery, is a cemetery located on highway M-26 about 0.5 miles (0.8 km) south of Eagle River, Michigan.[1][2] It was listed as a Michigan State Historic Site on July 17, 1986, and is one of the oldest cemeteries in the Keweenaw Peninsula.[1]

The cemetery holds 317 graves that date from 1843 through the present; 98 from the nineteenth century.[1] However, the owner of the cemetery property, the Cliff Mining Company, did not officially set it aside until 1876.[1]

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