Eagles and Angels

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Eagles and Angels
Author Juli Zeh
Original title Adler und Engel
Translator Christine Slenczka
Country Germany
Language German
Publisher Schöffling & Co.
Publication date
Published in English
Pages 444
ISBN 3-89561-054-2

Eagles and Angels (German: Adler und Engel) is a 2001 novel by the German writer Juli Zeh.


Josh Lacey wrote in The Guardian: "Zeh's style is always enjoyable. She writes brittle little sentences, trying to shock and often succeeding. Her characters are vivacious and thrilling; she tussles with big themes, and is fuelled by an admirable fury. But the novel doesn't quite work - the plot has many inconsistencies, the characters aren't entirely credible, the narrative voice strives too hard for effect."[1]

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