Eagley Brook

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Eagley Brook
Footbridge over Eagley Brook - geograph.org.uk - 1145964.jpg
Footbridge over Eagley Brook in Longworth Clough
Country England
 - location Lancashire
 - location River Tonge
 - coordinates 53°35′44.58″N 2°25′30.42″W / 53.5957167°N 2.4251167°W / 53.5957167; -2.4251167Coordinates: 53°35′44.58″N 2°25′30.42″W / 53.5957167°N 2.4251167°W / 53.5957167; -2.4251167

Eagley Brook (also known during the formative part of its course as Belmont Brook) is a small river of Lancashire and Greater Manchester in England.

Rising at the confluence of several smaller streams at Old Man's Hill in the West Pennine Moors, the brook almost immediately feeds Belmont Reservoir, after which it moves south and south east, passing the village of Belmont and collecting several tributaries and traversing the Longworth Clough, emerging close to Egerton.

From there, the river goes south, through Eagley near Bromley Cross, towards Astley Bridge, after which it joins Astley Brook at Meeting of the Waters to form the River Tonge.


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