Ealing Jazz Festival

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Ealing Jazz Festival
Ealing Jazz Festival - geograph.org.uk - 271686.jpg
The main stage marquee in 2006
Dates1984 to date
Location(s)Walpole Park
Years active32
Founded byAlbert 'Bev' Bowles-Bevan,[1]
Dick Esmond[2]
Organized byEaling London Borough Council
WebsiteEaling Jazz Festival

Ealing Jazz Festival is an annual Summer jazz festival in Ealing's Walpole Park. It was first held in 1984.[3]

In 2016 concern was raised after Ealing Council announced it was to take over management of the festival from "The Event Umbrella". As a result the festival programme was reduced from five to two days of live music and ticket prices increased sharply. These unpopular measures were intended to reduce financial risk.[4] A group of protesters staged a demonstration outside Ealing Council's offices to publicise their objections.[5]

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