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Type of site
Wiki for local product prices to provide cost of living and travel budget information
Available in English, German
Owner Eardex.com GbR
Slogan(s) Find and share information on cost of living. Worldwide.
Website www.eardex.com
Registration Optional
Launched 10/2011

Eardex.com (short for Earth Index) is a free website to find, share and compare information on cost of living worldwide. It works like a wiki for prices[1] in all the towns and cities, regions and countries of the world. The Eardex database currently collects and displays the local prices of more than 45 popular products which are available all over the world.[2]

The website is based on the wisdom of the crowd principle: the data (i.e. local product prices) is provided by the users (User-generated content).[3]

The website is free to use. A registration (also free) is possible but not mandatory. The site offers a lot of information for non-registered users, however, signing up is necessary to use all features. By signing up (email address required) a number of additional features become available, such as setting your preferred units of measurement and quantities for the listed products, the currency and the language for future visits.[4]

Eardex.com is available in two languages, English and German. It is operated by Eardex.com GbR[5] which was founded in October 2011 (also the launch date of the website)[6] by Fabian Walker and Steffen Schmeißer in Cologne, Germany.[7] The website is privately financed and was developed and set up within one year, by up to four people working on it.[8]

Media recommendations[edit]

Eardex was called the "Best New Travel Budget Planning Tool" on AirTreks[9] and "one of the most helpful websites on the Internet" by MakeUseOf.[10]

Eardex.com has also been recommended by several other blogs and newspapers from different countries and in different languages, including French,[11] Spanish,[12] Portuguese,[13] Japanese,[14] Bulgarian,[15] and others.[16]

In Germany, there was an interview with Eardex founder Fabian Walker in Die Zeit (print and online version), a German nationwide weekly newspaper.[17]

Eardex.com has also been featured nationwide on German television (WDR[18]) and radio programs (SWR[19] and Funkhaus Europa).[20]


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