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Earl Dittman (born circa 1960)[1] is the owner and film critic for Wireless Magazines, a Houston, Texas-based company that he has said includes five pop culture publications (such as Behind the Screen and Rhythm and Groove) distributed in various markets in the United States.[2] He is also a freelance writer, primarily for entertainment-related features.[3]

Dittman is known for his overwhelmingly positive and heavily quoted review blurbs, especially for widely panned movies. Film and media critics have alleged that Dittman's reviews are intended to get him mentioned in international advertising and press material for movies, which has given him the pejorative title of a quote whore. Critics have also noted that some of his quotes have been included in advertisements for movies that had not been pre-screened for critics.[4] Dittman was named as one of top ten "movie quote whores" of 2005.[5]

Excerpts of his reviews include:


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