Earl of Argyll's Regiment of Foot

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Earl of Argyll's Regiment of Foot
Active ~1688-1697
Allegiance Scotland Kingdom of Scotland
Type Infantry
Role Line infantry
Garrison/HQ Fort William

First Jacobite Uprising

Nine Years' War
Disbanded 1697
Colonel-in-Chief The Earl of Argyll
Commander Col. John Hill

The Earl of Argyll's Regiment of Foot was a 17th-century Scottish infantry regiment, raised from the men of Argyll, and based at Fort William. The Colonel in Chief was the Earl of Argyll, although this was a nominal appointment, and he did not exercise his command or take part in the regiment's actions. Private soldiers were also called Sentinels in Argyll's regiment of Foot. The regiment was a regular line regiment, rather than a highland militia, and was based at Fort William, under the command of Colonel John Hill, an experienced English officer who had fought with Cromwell during the English Civil War. Captain Robert Campbell of Glenlyon received 8 shillings per day as a senior officer.

Secretary of State, John Dalrymple chose the Earl of Argyll’s Regiment of Foot to carry out the Massacre of Glencoe.

A roll call of the 2nd Company of the Earl of Argyll's Regiment was taken in October, 1691. It is unlikely to have changed greatly between this point and February, when the company was involved in the Massacre of Glencoe. Although Captain Campbell and the majority of the men were Highlanders, the junior officers were Lowland Covenanters.

The regiment fought in the Low Countries, ultimately under the name Lord Lorne's Regiment, until the cessation of hostilities in 1697 when it was disbanded by the Parliament of Scotland along with all other regiments raised since 1681.


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