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Earldom of Bath
Creation date 1486
Monarch Henry VII (first creation)
Peerage Peerage of England
Peerage of Great Britain
Peerage of the United Kingdom
First holder Philibert de Chandée (first creation)
Last holder Laura Pulteney, 1st Countess of Bath (fifth creation)
Subsidiary titles Viscount Lansdown
Extinction date 1808
William Pulteney, 1st Earl of Bath, (fourth creation), in the 1740s.

Earl of Bath was a title that was created five times in British history, three times in the Peerage of England, once in the Peerage of Great Britain and once in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. It is now extinct.

Earls of Bath; First creation (1486)[edit]

Earls of Bath; Second creation (1536)[edit]

Arms of Bourchier, Earls of Bath: Argent, a cross engrailed gules between four water bougets sable. Badge: Bourchier knot Complete Guide to Heraldry Fig686.png

Earls of Bath; Third creation (1661)[edit]

Arms of Granville, Earls of Bath: Gules, three clarions or

Earls of Bath; Fourth creation (1742)[edit]

Earls of Bath; Fifth creation (1803)[edit]

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