Earl of Cornwall

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The title of Earl of Cornwall was created several times in the Peerage of England before 1337, when it was superseded by the title Duke of Cornwall, which became attached to heirs-apparent to the throne.

Condor of Cornwall[edit]

  • Condor of Cornwall, probably legendary Earl of Cornwall before the Conquest, said to have paid homage to William for the Earldom[1]

Earls of Cornwall, 1st creation (1068)[edit]

Earls of Cornwall, 2nd creation (c. 1072)[edit]

Cadoc II of Cornwall (c. 1106)[edit]

Earls of Cornwall, 1st creation (revived 1140)[edit]

  • Alan (died 1146), nephew of Brian, deprived 1141

Earls of Cornwall, 3rd creation (1141)[edit]

Earls of Cornwall, 4th creation (1225)[edit]

Earls of Cornwall, 5th creation (1307)[edit]

Earls of Cornwall, 6th creation (1330)[edit]

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