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Earldom of Glasgow
Coronet of a British Earl.svg
Earl of glasgow.svg
Quarterly, 1st and 4th: or a double headed eagle displayed gules, armed and beaked azure; 2nd and 3rd: parted per bend embattled argent and gules; over all an escutcheon or, charged with three stag's horns gules
Creation date12 April 1703
MonarchAnne of Scotland
PeeragePeerage of Scotland
First holderDavid Boyle, Lord Boyle
Present holderPatrick Boyle, 10th Earl of Glasgow
Heir apparentDavid Boyle, Viscount of Kelburn[1]
Remainder toHeirs male of the first earl's body lawfully begotten
Subsidiary titlesViscount of Kelburn
Baron Fairlie
Lord Boyle of Kelburn, Stewartoun, Cumbrae, Finnick, Largs and Dalry
Lord Boyle of Stewartoun, Cumbraes, Fenwick, Largs and Dalry
Seat(s)Kelburn Castle
Former seat(s)Stanely Castle
MottoDominus providebit ("The Lord will provide")[1]

Earl of Glasgow is a title in the Peerage of Scotland. It was created in 1703 for David Boyle, Lord Boyle.

The first earl was subsequently one of the commissioners who negotiated the Treaty of Union uniting the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland into the Kingdom of Great Britain. He had already been created Lord Boyle of Kelburn, Stewartoun, Cumbrae, Finnick, Largs and Dalry in 1699, and was made Lord Boyle of Stewartoun, Cumbraes, Fenwick, Largs and Dalry and Viscount of Kelburn at the same time as he was granted the earldom. These titles are also in the Peerage of Scotland.

The fourth Earl was in 1815 created Baron Ross, of Hawkhead in the County of Renfrew, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, a title which became extinct on the death of the sixth Earl in 1890. The seventh Earl served as Governor of New Zealand from 1892 to 1897 and was created Baron Fairlie, of Fairlie in the County of Ayr, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, in 1897.[2]

Bernard Fergusson, Baron Ballantrae, and Sir James Fergusson, 8th Baronet, were grandsons of the 7th Earl.[3]

The Earl of Glasgow is the hereditary Clan Chief of Clan Boyle.

The family seat is Kelburn Castle in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Earls of Glasgow (1703)[edit]

The heir apparent is the present holder's son, David Michael Douglas Boyle, Viscount of Kelburn (born 1978).[1]

Male-line family tree[edit]

Male-line family tree, Earls of Glasgow.
David Boyle
1st Earl of Glasgow

John Boyle
2nd Earl of Glasgow

John Boyle
3rd Earl of Glasgow

Patrick Boyle
Baron Ross
(GB, 1815)
George Boyle
4th Earl of Glasgow

David Boyle
Lord Boyle

John Boyle
Lord Boyle
James Carr-Boyle
5th Earl of Glasgow

George Boyle
6th Earl of Glasgow

Patrick Boyle
Ross barony
Baron Fairlie
(UK, 1897)
David Boyle
7th Earl of Glasgow

Patrick Boyle
8th Earl of Glasgow

David Boyle
9th Earl of Glasgow

Patrick Boyle
10th Earl of Glasgow

born 1939
David Boyle
Viscount of Kelburn
born 1978

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