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The title Earl of Newburgh (pronounced "New-bruh") was created in the Peerage of Scotland in 1660 for James Livingston, 1st Viscount of Newburgh, along with the subsidiary titles Viscount of Kynnaird and Lord Levingston.

The Viscountcy of Newburgh, and the Baronetcy inherited by the 1st Earl, which were created with remainder to heirs male, became extinct on the death of the 2nd Earl (who was also 2nd Viscount of Newburgh and 3rd Baronet). However, the Earldom and its subsidiary titles, which were created with remainder to heirs whomsoever,[1] can be inherited through the female line, and have consequently been able to pass by marriage to a succession of different families.

The 3rd Countess's second husband was the titular 5th Earl of Derwentwater (a younger brother of the attainted 3rd Earl), and so the 4th and 5th Earls of Newburgh were also titular Earls of Derwentwater, Viscounts Radclyffe and Langley and Barons Tyndale, of Tyndale in the County of Northumberland, in the Peerage of England.

On the death of the 5th Earl (also titular 7th Earl of Derwentwater), the title passed to a descendant of the daughter (and only child) of the 3rd Countess by her first husband, who was also Prince Giustiniani and Duke of Mondragone in the Italian nobility. His daughter, the 7th Countess, inherited her father's Italian Dukedom as well as his Scottish Earldom, and on her death both passed to her son, who was also Marquis Bandini and Prince Bandini-Giustiniani in Italy. On the death in 1941 of the 9th Earl the title passed out of this family, and into the Rospigliosi family of Italian nobles.

The present Earl, who is Italian and lives in Milan, also holds several Continental titles of nobility. He is (HRE) Prince Rospigliosi of the Holy Roman Empire, Papal Prince Rospigliosi and Duke of Zagarolo, Prince Castiglione, Marquis of Giuliana, Count of Chiusa and Baron of La Miraglia and Valcorrente in both the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and the Kingdom of Italy, Lord of Aldone, Burgio, Contessa and Trappeto in the nobility of Rome, and Patrician of Venice, Genoa, Pistoia, Ferrara and Ravenna in the nobilities of both Venice and Genoa.

Livingston Baronets, of Kinnaird (1627)[edit]

Earls of Newburgh (1660)[edit]

The heiress presumptive is the present holder's only daughter Princess Benedetta Francesca Maria Rospigliosi, Mistress of Newburgh (b. 1974).
The heiress presumptive's heir apparent (3rd in line to the Earldom of Newburgh) is her son Carlo Albertario (b. 2001).


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