Earl of Northampton

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Earldom of Northampton
subsidiary title of the
Marquessate of Northampton
Coronet of a British Earl.svg
Coat of arms of the Marquess of Northampton.svg
Coat of arms of Spencer Compton, Marquess and Earl of Northampton.
Creation date
  • 1071 (first creation)
  • 1337 (second creation)
  • 1399 (third creation)
  • 1604 (fourth creation)
  • 1618 (fifth creation)
PeeragePeerage of England
First holderWaltheof, Earl of Northumbria
Present holderSpencer Compton, 7th Marquess of Northampton and 16th Earl of Northampton
Heir apparentDaniel Compton, Earl Compton
StatusFifth creation extant
Extinction date
  • 1184 (first creation)
  • 1399(second creation)
  • 1438 (third creation)
  • 1614 (fourth creation)
Seat(s)Castle Ashby House
Compton Wynyates

Earl of Northampton is a title in the Peerage of England that has been created five times.

Earls of Northampton, first Creation (1071)[edit]

Earls of Northampton, Second Creation (1337)[edit]

Earl of Northampton, Second Creation (restored) (1384)[edit]

Earl of Northampton, Third Creation (1399)[edit]

Earl of Northampton, Fourth Creation (1604)[edit]

Earls of Northampton, Fifth Creation (1618)[edit]

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