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Earldom of Northesk
Coronet of a British Earl.svg
Northesk Escutcheon.png
Arms: Quarterly: 1st & 4th, Or, an Eagle displayed Azure, armed, beaked and membered Sable, and charged on the breast with a Naval Crown Or (Carneigie); 2nd & 3rd, Argent, a Pale Gules (Earldom of Northesk). Crests: 1st, The stern of a French Man-of-War with three Lanthorns, all proper, inflamed Gules, on a Scroll the word TRAFALGAR; 2nd, Issuant from a Naval Crown Or, a Demi-Leopard proper, holding a Rose Argent, barbed and seeded proper, on a Scroll the words BRITANNIA VICTRIX. Supporters: on either side a Leopard reguardant proper, gorged with Roses Argent, barbed and seeded Vert, each supporting a Banner of St George proper.
Creation date1 November 1647
MonarchCharles I
PeeragePeerage of Scotland
First holderJames Carnegie
Present holderPatrick Carnegy, 15th Earl of Northesk
Heir presumptiveHon. Colin Carnegy
Remainder tothe 1st Earl’s heirs male forever
Subsidiary titlesLord Rosehill and Inglismaldie
Former seat(s)Ethie Castle
(Spot without stain)
William Carnegie,
7th Earl of Northesk

Earl of Northesk is a title in the Peerage of Scotland. It was created in 1662 for John Carnegie, who notably served as Sheriff of Forfarshire. He was given the subsidiary title of Lord Rosehill and Eglismauldie (or Inglismaldie) at the same time. Carnegie had already been created Earl of Ethie and Lord Lour in 1647 but relinquished those titles in exchange for the 1662 creations. For the purposes of precedence and seniority, the earldom of Northesk is treated as having been created in 1647, the date of the creation of the earldom of Ethie. Lord Northesk's great-grandson, the fourth Earl, sat in the House of Lords as a Scottish Representative Peer from 1708 to 1715. His younger son, the sixth Earl, was an admiral in the Royal Navy.

He was succeeded by his son, the seventh Earl. He was also an admiral in the navy and was third in command at the Battle of Trafalgar. Lord Northesk was also a Scottish Representative Peer between 1796 and 1807 and 1830 and 1831. His grandson, the ninth Earl, was a Scottish Representative Peer from 1885 to 1891. He was succeeded by his son, the tenth Earl, who served as a Scottish Representative Peer from 1900 to 1921. His son, the eleventh Earl, was a Scottish Representative Peer from 1959 to 1963, when all Scottish peers were given an automatic seat in the House of Lords. He was succeeded by his first cousin, the twelfth Earl. He was the son of the Hon. Douglas George Carnegie, second son of the ninth Earl. The fourteenth Earl was one of the ninety elected hereditary peers that were allowed to remain in the House of Lords after the passing of the House of Lords Act 1999, and sat on the Conservative benches. He died without surviving male issue in 2010 and the titles passed to his eighth cousin once removed, the fifteenth Earl. He is a writer.

David Carnegie, 1st Earl of Southesk, was the elder brother of the first Earl. Another member of the Carnegy family is Elizabeth Patricia Carnegy, Baroness Carnegy of Lour. She is a descendant of the Hon. Patrick Carnegie of Lour, third son of the second Earl of Northesk.

The earldom is named after the River Esk in Angus. The family seat was Ethie Castle, near Arbroath, Scotland.[1]

Earls of Northesk (1647/1662)[edit]

Coat of Arms of the Earls of Northesk

The heir presumptive is the present holder's brother the Hon. Colin David Carnegy (b. 1942)
The heir presumptive's heir apparent is his son Charles Alexander Carnegy (b. 1975)
The heir presumptive's heir apparent's heir apparent is Patrick James Frederick Alexander Carnegy (b. 2014)[2]

Family tree[edit]

John Carnegie, 1st Earl of Northesk
c. 1580–1667
David Carnegie, 2nd Earl of Northesk
died 1679
David Carnegie, 3rd Earl of Northesk
The Hon. Patrick Carnegie of Lour
died 1723
David Carnegie, 4th Earl of Northesk
died 1729
Patrick Carnegie of Lour
David Carnegie, 5th Earl of Northesk
George Carnegie, 6th Earl of Northesk
Patrick Carnegie of Lour
William Carnegie, 7th Earl of Northesk
Patrick Carnegie of Lour
William Carnegie, 8th Earl of Northesk
Major General
Alexander Carnegy
George Carnegie, 9th Earl of Northesk
Alexander Carnegy CB
David Carnegie, 10th Earl of Northesk
Lieutenant Colonel
Douglas George Carnegie
Lieutenant colonel
Charles Gilbert Carnegy MVO
David Carnegie, 11th Earl of Northesk
John Carnegie, 12th Earl of Northesk
The Reverend Canon
Patrick Charles Alexander Carnegy
Robert Carnegie, 13th Earl of Northesk
Patrick Carnegy, 15th Earl of Northesk
born 1940
Colin David Carnegy
born 1942
heir presumptive
David Carnegie, 14th Earl of Northesk

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