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The American Earle family that originated from Massachusetts is a notable family of artists, businessmen, and statesmen. This American branch of the family was most prominent in New England, especially Massachusetts, from the 17th century to the 19th century. The English Earle family is originally from the English county of Somerset, with major family branches in Devon county and throughout England. The Massachusetts Earle family began with Ralph Earle the immigrant ancestor who arrived in Boston Colony with his wife Joan (Savage) sometime in 1634. In 1888, Pliny Earle a direct descendant published a genealogical record listing 4,000 descendants of the immigrant settler Ralph Earle. Below are some of the Earle family members who have biographies on historical record.

Born in 17th Century[edit]

  • Ralph Earle (settler)
  • Ralph Earle (captain)

Born in 18th Century[edit]

Born in 19th Century[edit]

Born in 20th Century[edit]

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