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Earlobe fetishismparaphilia in which reaching sexual arousal occurs with partner's earlobe. Usually arousal takes place while watching, touching, caressing, nibbling, licking or gentle beating partner's earlobe.

Earlobes as an erogenous zone[edit]

Love can be expressed throughout varied ways, but scientists find that it can be simplified into three elements – desire, attractiveness and affection. Now, researchers want to identify parts of the brain responsible of our experiences perception.[1]

Earlobes are rich in neurons and thus for certain people are an erogenous zone.[2]

Earlobe stimulation as a theme is shown in two scenes of The Intouchables, in movies by Humphrey Bogart with Lauren Bacall[3] and in one scene of Diplomatic Immunity by Craig Parker with Hannah Marshall. [4]

The kissing of earlobes and its surroundings[edit]

A kiss on the ear is sometimes the first expression of a man's desire.[5]

While kissing, sexual partners usually limit themselves to the mouth and forget about ears. To create further stimuli, some may place (fast and tiny) kisses up throughout the jawbone to the place where the earlobe binds with the skin behind the jawbone.[Sex 1][6]

Common practices of kissing the earlobe and its surroundings
  • Moisturising the tip of tongue and tracing around the earlobe edge.
  • Rapidly flicking the tongue on the outer surface of earlobe, the lower surface, and its edge.
  • Holding the earlobe with lips immediately before nibbling it gently.
  • Gently nibbling the earlobe with incisors.
  • Slowly pulling the earlobe downwards until it slips out from the lips or teeth.
  • Gently blowing on wet skin.[Sex 2][Sex 3]
  • Drawing-in air instead of blowing.[Sex 4]
  • Running the tongue throughout the inner ear edge, outer edge and between them.
  • Whispering loving words.

To make the stimulation of the earlobes more intensive, one may "tickle it with tongue during embrace earlobe between incisors or make pelvic thrust when we pull earlobe with our lips [sic?]."[8]

Practices generally avoided
  • Inserting tongue into the ear canal.[Sex 5]
  • Kissing the central part of the ear.[Sex 6]

Effects accompanying sexual arousal[edit]

It is known that numerous capillaries are crucial for erotic function of earlobes. During sexual arousal and sexual intercourse artery pressure significantly increases. Due to this, blood presses stronger on capillary walls, which increase in diameter. Summary effects of the enlarging diameter of capillaries is visible as:[10]

  • Pinkness or redness of earlobes
  • Tumescence of earlobes

Biting earlobes can also result in uncontrolled convulsions and sighs from the recipient.[11]

Arguments against treating earlobes as an erogenous zone[edit]

Some people view ears only as a physiological organ that should not be connoted with the sexual sphere. Disgust to adoring earlobes or ears as a whole is linked with hygiene of this body part.[Sex 7] It is also linked with partners' tendency to salivate.[3]

Remarks – Earlobes as erogenous zone
  1. ^ The cited source suggests focus under the earlobe.
  2. ^ It triggers feelings of tingling and coolness.
  3. ^ Avoid directing the stream of air into the ear canal; it can cause pain.
  4. ^ It triggers a feeling of warmth.
  5. ^ Certain people prefer such behavior, however only with consent.
  6. ^ It causes vacuuming of the ear canal, which can result in pain.
  7. ^ Earwax occurs in the ear canal, which is close to the earlobe, and (in trace amounts) on the earlobe's surface.


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