Earls Court Rangers

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Earls Court Rangers
League English National League
Founded 1935
Operated 1935-1953
Arena Earls Court Arena
City London, England
Team Colours
  • Orange and chocolate         
  • (1935–37)
  • Orange and black         
  • (1937–39 & 1948–51)
  • Gold, black and white             
  • (1951–53)
Head coach George Redding (1937–39)
Player Coach Frank Currie (1937–39)

Earls Court Rangers were an early English ice hockey team that played in the English National League. They were formed in 1935 and disbanded in 1953. They played their home games at the Earls Court Arena in west London, England at Empress Hall; played only 9 seasons interrupted in 1939 by World War II.

Empress Hall[edit]

In September 1953, the British Ice Hockey association announced that in the upcoming season the Earls Court Rangers would not play. The club's directors chose not to play that season because its headquarters, Empress Hall in London, was undergoing structural alterations. The alterations were expected to take three months, but in fact the Empress Hall was never rebuilt and now Earls Court 2 and Lillie Road Bus and Tube Depot stand in its spot.[1]

The team was formed in 1935 and played in the league every year until 1940, then from 1948 to 1953. From 1940 to 1947, Empress Hall was under government requisition.[2]

1937 Fixtures[edit]

Earl Nicholson, of Harringay Greyhounds, and Howie Peterson, of Earl’s Court Rangers, were suspended on 31 December 1937 until 23 January 1938 for 26 days which was at the time the longest suspension awarded in British ice hockey[3] when both Canadian players "tried to take each other apart"[4] when Earls Court Rangers lost 4-2 against Harringay Greyhounds on 29 December 1937. On 6 November 1937 Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy when visiting London saw Earls Court Rangers play against Harringay Racers.[5]


Frank Currie - player coach


Les Anning (Canadian) Right Wing - Played for Earls Court Rangers from 1951–1953[6]

Harry Brown Left Defenceman

Keith Campbell (Canadian) Left Wing - Played for Earls Court Rangers from 1949–1953[7]

Jim Chappell Centre

Frank Currie (Canadian)

Ran Forder - played for Earls Court Rangers 1935-1937

Paul MacPhail (British) - played for Earls Court Rangers 1935-1937

Ray McNiven (Canadian) - played in 1951/1952 as centreman

Howie Peterson (Canadian) Left Wing - played for Earls Court Rangers from 1935-39

Don Wilson (Canadian) Centre - played for Earls Court Rangers 1935-37

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