Prurigo gestationis

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Prurigo gestationis (also called "Besnier prurigo",[1] "Early-onset prurigo of pregnancy,"[2] "Linear IgM dermatosis of pregnancy,"[2] "Papular dermatitis of pregnancy,"[2] "Prurigo of pregnancy",[2] and "Spangler's papular dermatitis of pregnancy"[2]) is an eruption consisting of pruritic, excoriated papules of the proximal limbs and upper trunk, most often occurring between the 20th and 34th week of gestation.[1][2][3][4]

The exact etiology is unknown, but it is considered likely to be a flareup of atopic dermatitis during pregnancy.[5]

It is sometimes considered to be a term encompassing Besnier prurigo and other conditions.[6]

It is sometimes considered a diagnosis of exclusion.[7]

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