Early On (1964–1966)

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Early On (1964-1966)
Compilation album by David Bowie
Released 1991 (1991)
Recorded 1964-1966
Genre Pop
Length 41:51
Label Rhino
David Bowie Compilation chronology
Early On (1964-1966)
The Singles Collection
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Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars link

Early On (1964–1966) is a compilation album by David Bowie, released in 1991. It is notable because of it being the first and only attempt to compile a comprehensive collection of all of Bowie's pre-Deram material and encompasses multiple labels including Vocallion, Parlophone, and Pye. Tracks three and four are alternate versions to the official singles, while "Do Anything You Say" is also a different mix to the normal single. There are also five unreleased songs included that came from Shel Talmy's collection. Talmy produced Bowie's second and third single. A cassette version was released, however this omitted "Lize Jane", "Louie, Louie Go Home", and "Good Morning Girl".[1]


Bowie began his recording career as Davie Jones, a variation of his birth name, David Robert Jones. His first single (tracks 1-2) was recorded with The King Bees. The B-side was also released by Paul Revere and the Raiders as "Louie, Go Home" in 1964.

Bowie switched to The Manish Boys for his second single (tracks 3-4). In February 1965, he switched again to The Lower Third (tracks 5-13). For his third single, he also changed his name to Davy Jones. To avoid confusion with The Monkees band member, he adopted the name David Bowie before his fourth single.

A financial dispute ended his relationship with The Lower Third on 28 January 1966. For his fifth single (tracks 14-15), he teamed up with The Buzz, who were uncredited on the release. Dissatisfied with the band's performance on tour, they were replaced with session musicians on Bowie's sixth single (tracks 16-17).

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by David Bowie except as noted.

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Liza Jane" (recorded May 1964; A-side single released 5 Jun 1964) Leslie Conn 2:18
2. "Louie, Louie Go Home" (B-side single released 5 Jun 1964) Mark Lindsay, Paul Revere 2:12
3. "I Pity the Fool" (recorded 15 Jan 1965; A-side single released 5 Mar 1965) Deadric Malone 2:09
4. "Take My Tip" (B-side single released 5 Mar 1965) David Bowie 2:15
5. "That's Where My Heart Is" (demo recorded May-Jul 1965[2]) Bowie 2:28
6. "I Want My Baby Back" (demo recorded May-Jul 1965) Bowie 2:39
7. "Bars of the County Jail" (demo recorded May-Jul 1965) Bowie 2:07
8. "You've Got a Habit of Leaving" (recorded Jul 1965; A-side single released 20 Aug 1965) Bowie 2:31
9. "Baby Loves That Way" (B-side single released 20 Aug 1965) Bowie 3:02
10. "I'll Follow You" (recorded Jun-Jul 1965) Bowie 2:02
11. "Glad I've Got Nobody" (recorded Jun-Jul 1965) Bowie 2:31
12. "Can't Help Thinking About Me" (recorded 10 Dec 1965; A-side single released 14 Jan 1966) Bowie 2:47
13. "And I Say to Myself" (recorded Dec 1965; B-side single released 14 Jan 1966) Bowie 2:29
14. "Do Anything You Say (1966)" (recorded 7 Mar 1966; A-side single released 1 Apr 1966) Bowie 2:31
15. "Good Morning Girl" (recorded Mar 1966; B-side single released 1 Apr 1966) Bowie 2:14
16. "I Dig Everything (1966)" (recorded 5 Jul 1966; A-side single released Aug 1966) Bowie 2:44
17. "I'm Not Losing Sleep (1966)" (B-side single released Aug 1966) Bowie 2:52

Record Labels: Vocalion Pop (tracks 1-2); Parlophone (tracks 3-4, 8-9); Pye Records (tracks 12-17).