Early Sorrows

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Early Sorrows: For Children and Sensitive Readers
Author Danilo Kiš
Original title Rani jadi:za decu i osetljive
Translator Michael Henry Heim
Country Serbia
Language Serbo-Croatian
Publisher Nolit (Serbo-Croatian)
New Directions (English)
Publication date
Published in English
Pages 118 (English 1st edition)
Followed by 'Garden, Ashes'

Early Sorrows: For Children and Sensitive Readers (Serbo-Croatian: Rani jadi:za decu i osetljive / Рани јади:за децу и осетљиве) is a collection of nineteen short stories by Yugoslav author Danilo Kiš.

The book part of what Kiš called his "family cycle" trilogy, consisting of the novels Garden, Ashes (1965), and Hourglass (1972).[1] Though Early Sorrows was published after Garden, Ashes, it is effectively the first novel in the trilogy.[2]


Early Sorrows is composed of vignettes about Andy Sam, a young Serbian boy who works as a cowherd to bring in money for his family. Andy spends most of the day reading.[3]


Like much Kiš's work, Early Sorrows deals with the Holocaust. Andy's father, like Kiš's own father, is sent to Auschwitz.[3] Notably, it is the only work of Kiš's in which he depicts a scene inside a concentration camp (Andy halluncinates about his relatives who were taken away by Nazis).[4]


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