Early Spring (painting)

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Early Spring
Early Spring
Traditional Chinese早春圖
Simplified Chinese早春图

Early Spring is a hanging scroll painting by Guo Xi. Completed in 1072, it is one of the most famous works of Chinese art from the Song dynasty. The work demonstrates his innovative techniques for producing multiple perspectives which he called "the angle of totality."

The poem in the upper right corner was added in 1759 by the Qianlong Emperor. It reads:

Chinese Pinyin English
開凍 shù cái fā yè xī kāidòng The trees are just beginning to sprout leaves; the frozen brook begins to melt.
樓閣仙居上層 lóugé xiānjū zuì shàngcéng A building is placed on the highest ground, where the immortals reside.
點綴 bù jiè liǔ táo jiàn diǎnzhuì There is nothing between the willow and peach trees to clutter up the scene.
春山 chūnshān zǎo jiàn qì rú zhēng Steam-like mist can be seen early in the morning on the springtime mountain.
jǐ mǎo chūnyuè
(Year of) Yin Earth Rabbit (1759)
Composed by the royal hand (of the Qianlong Emperor)

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